How to Find a Common
Language for Creative Feedback

A Conversation
with Douglas Davis

July 29 at 11 AM PDT

Adam Morgan
Real Creative Leadership
Webinar Host

Adam is executive creative director at Adobe, an Adweek Creative 100, and author.

Check out his latest book, Sorry Spock, Emotions Drive Business.

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Think how they think.

When you and your peers are speaking two different languages — one based in creativity and emotion and the other based in numbers and results, frustration is inevitable. And that’s never good for creativity. Fortunately, the creative-business language barrier can be overcome by learning to think how business leaders think.

Join Adam Morgan as he chats with Douglas Davis about what it means to “think how they think” to better do what creatives do. Douglas is author of Creative Strategy and the Business of Design, associate professor of communication design at New York City College of Technology, and an experienced designer.

In this conversation with Douglas, you’ll learn:

  • Why creatives struggle in business environments

  • The value of understanding your non-creative peers

  • Tips for learning the language of business

  • How strategy-fluent creatives can help transform businesses

Douglas Davis
Author, Educator, Designer

Join us to discover how to finally speak each other’s language, and see your creative process improve.


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